Guide to Getting an A+ on Your School Uniform

Your Guide to Getting an A+ on Your School Uniform

July 16, 2022

School uniforms take a lot of the hassle out of getting ready in the morning but keeping these items looking fresh is another story.

Each year, the average family will spend a few hundred dollars per kid, equipping them with all their school uniform essentials. Yet inevitably, many will find items like jackets, button-downs, and pants looking a little lacklustre well before the school year ends.

Rather than scramble to find replacement items mid-year, try these easy tips to help keep your school uniforms looking fresh longer! Who knows, they may even survive to be passed down to a sibling or friend later on!

Don’t Let Stains Sit

Kids encounter an unprecedented number of stain-caused substances while at school. From marker and pen marks to food and grass stains, keeping school uniforms clean is an uphill battle.

Weekday evenings are generally a busy time for families. Between work, afterschool activities, homework, and dinner, the last thing most parents want to do is worry about spots on a shirt or stains on a skirt; however, these need to be addressed as soon as possible. The longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to remove.

Get into the habit of quickly scanning your child’s uniform as soon as they remove it, and promptly tackle any messes. If you are unsure how to remove a particularly stubborn stain, take the items to your local Vancouver dry cleaner.

Change Clothes Right Away

The more time your kid spends wearing their uniform, the greater the odds are that something will spill on or stain it. Encourage your kids to change as soon as they leave school; if they aren’t coming home right away, pack a change of clothes.

Not only will changing out of their school uniform help keep it clean, but it will also reduce the wear and tear, keeping the unform looking crisp longer.

Wash According to the Instructions

At the end of an exhausting week, it may be tempting to throw all your child’s uniform pieces in one load of laundry, but that could be a big mistake. The various pieces of your kid’s uniform could be made of several different types of natural or synthetic fibres, and washing them together could mean that some items are not being washed at the right temperature, leading to premature wear, shrinkage, or fading.

Regularly Dry Clean School Uniforms

While running your school uniform through a wash cycle now and then won’t hurt it, regular machine washing and drying can dramatically reduce the lifespan of many fabrics.

The best way to keep your school uniform looking fresh longer is to address minor stains at home immediately but keep machine washing of items like pants, skirts, and jackets to a minimum. Instead, takes these items to your preferred dry cleaners around Vancouver.

It is recommended that you have your school uniform dry cleaned at least once every term. But you know your child best; if they are particularly prone to messy stains or sweat heavily, you may want to increase the frequency of your dry cleaner visits.

Keeping School Uniforms Looking Sharp

On the first wear after picking up your kid’s school uniform from the dry cleaners, they look great; however, most uniforms start to look like they’ve seen better days by the end of the week.

To help keep your freshly cleaned uniform looking crisp, get kids to hang items up right away after taking them off. For mid-week maintenance, you can also carefully iron items using a damp cloth as a barrier to avoid that annoying fabric shine.

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