At Easy Care Cleaners, we do all type of dry-cleaning services. With over 25 years in the dry-cleaning business, we have built a loyal and satisfied client based in Richmond and Vancouver. We do all types of dry-cleaning services such as shirt cleaning, leather cleaning, dry cleaning for Indian wear, drapery cleaning, rugs and mats dry cleaning, accessory cleaning, sewing, alterations and mending, and we specialize in wedding gown cleaning. We also do dry cleaning for Indian and ethnic wear ensuring to keep the delicate fabrics and design and embroidery work of Indian clothing intact and with special care. We are the only dry cleaners in the Lower Mainland area that offer such diverse dry-cleaning services that go beyond than just your regular dry cleaner next door.

As winners of the The Richmond News as one of the top dry-cleaning companies in Richmond for 5 years in a row. We proudly use a biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution to treat our clothes. The clothes that come to our dry cleaners are cleaned using Eco Solv which is a non-toxic, biodegradable, environment friendly dry-cleaning fluid that is easy on fabrics.

With a solid and loyal customer base, we are proud to be the best dry cleaners in Richmond! Check us out for the best dry cleaners in the Lower Mainland

Shirt Dry Cleaning

Shirt Cleaning

All types of clothes such as shirts, tuxedos, pants, dresses, jackets/coats, and even ethnic wear are treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. We take great pride in the way we treat each shirt.

Before washing, the shirts are separated according to their color. The secret to a clean and long-lasting shirt is to use a special cleaning soap that has the proper PH level. The garments are then pressed using a high-tech shirt pressing machine which focuses on the body and arms.


Sewing Alterations & Mending

When it comes to alterations, it is important to remember that these clothes are made to your body. At Easy Care Cleaners, our in-house seamstresses can do for you dress shortening, invisible mending, sewing of buttons or adding zippers, and altering clothes to loosen or tighten them as you may require.

We also alter Indian ethnic wear focusing on delicate details such as embroidery and a variety of different materials and finishing to create a custom fitted finished product.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning

A wedding gown is a piece of clothing that women invest their hard-earned money and well spent time in choosing the perfect dress. At Easy Care Cleaners, we understand the sentimental value and importance of a wedding dress and what it means for our customers.

Each dress has its own unique characteristics and needs to be treated individually to achieve its best appearance. We start with an initial inspection to identify areas that require special attention. Inspection of the dress’s inner lining to done to make sure it is in good condition.

Lather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Unlike many others, Easy Care Cleaners also dry cleans leather. We start off by carefully examining the leather. We look for signs of wear and tear in the cuffs, collars, sides, straps, as well as the lining.

The tanning process and the garment’s color stability are also important factors to consider when it comes to assessing the condition of the leather. After cleaning, each garment is treated with ECO SOLV, a non toxic, biodegradable, odourless, and material friendly dry-cleaning fluid. The process helps preserve the leather’s natural appearance. Trust us to maintain the life and longevity of all your leather pieces.

Drapery Dry Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning

Drapes and curtains can make or break the interior décor and style of the home. When it comes to internal fixture care, we ensure your drapes and curtains are well taken care of and ready to be the start of your home.

Sun fading and fabric weakening are the most common concerns when it comes to curtain and drapery cleaning. These issues can affect the longevity of the fabrics and the cleaning process.


Rugs & Mats Cleaning

Rugs and mats are accents in the home that complete the look of the place. We dry clean all sizes and various materials of mats and rugs whether they be indoor, outdoor, or even commercial. Whether it be hard to remove spills, dulling of the fibres, odour, or even discolouration- we can help fix and clean it all.

As it varies from size to size of how long you can expect your rug or mats to be cleaned, it is a good idea to call prior and let us know the size and we can give you an estimated time of how long it will take to complete.

Accessory Cleaning

Accessory Cleaning

Accessories are just as important as our clothing to complete the look. Every accessory gives statement of an individuals’ style and it’s important to keep accessories such as shoes, purses, fur items, and even hats looking clean and polished.

Don’t be shy and bring any accessory you have that can use some cleaning care and we will bring out the best of it!


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