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Wedding Gowns Cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Wedding Gowns Cleaning

A wedding gown is a piece of clothing in that women invest their hard-earned money and well-spent time in choosing the perfect dress. At Easy Care Cleaners, we understand the sentimental value and importance of a wedding dress and what it means for our customers. That is why we pride ourselves to be the best wedding dress and wedding gown dry cleaners owing to our high-quality cleaning and treatment for all your wedding dress dry cleaning needs.

Bridal gown dry cleaning requires a lot of care and attention to detail before cleaning. Wedding gown dry cleaning is a careful process that requires dry cleaners to take in often huge in size in terms of the material used, and very commonly feature lace, embellishments, zippers, and other various touches that cannot be ignored when drying cleaning them. Each wedding dress or gown has its own unique characteristics and needs to be dry cleaned individually to achieve its best appearance. We go thru and assess each outfit before we go ahead and dry clean any bridal dress. At that point, we tenderly dry clean the wedding dress or gown, utilizing the foremost fitting strategies for your fine textures. At last, your cherished outfit is hand-squeezed by our most experienced presser, who takes all the vital time to guarantee your outfit is as good and fresh as how you first got it. We start with an initial inspection to identify areas that require special attention. Inspection of the dress’s inner lining is to be done to make sure it is in good condition. The bodice and back are also checked to make sure they are not missing or broken. We then perform pre-treatment on the dress. This involves treating all visible stains with a special solution. The hem is then treated with our special anti-soiling agent that is friendly to the environment yet gentle and effective at dry cleaning your wedding dress with ultra care. The machine then performs the cleaning process on the gown itself thus ensuring a good dry clean of the bridal gown or dress.

We also provide specialty storage boxes to carefully store and preserve your wedding gown alongside just dry cleaning it. If you are also looking to get your wedding gown or dress steamed in addition to dry cleaning, we can also do that for you upon request. Easy Care Cleaners ensures the top wedding gown and wedding dress dry cleaning to be the best dry-cleaning service done to your most special clothing pieces and that they are dry cleaned and well taken care of for you to pick them up looking their utmost best. There is a reason why we are Richmond’s best wedding dress dry cleaners!

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