Shirt dry cleaning

How to Care for Your High-End Shirts to Keep Them Looking New

December 26, 2022

A bespoke dress shirt is a perfect complement to any suit well-cut suit. However, a high-quality dress shirt deserves high-quality care, which doesn’t entail frequent trips through your wash cycle with the rest of your whites. Shirt dry cleaning is the preferred method of caring for your high-end dress shirts as it will help keep them looking crisp and new,...

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Curtain Dry Cleaning

When it the Last Time You Had Your Curtains Dry Cleaned?

December 14, 2022

Everyone had their regular cleaning routine; you hit the kitchen, vacuum and wash floors, sanitize bathrooms, and give moldings and shelves a good dusting. But when was the last time your curtains or drapes were dry-cleaned or given any significant attention? If you are like most people in Richmond, the answer is probably (almost) never. Sure, the juice your kids...

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