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What Should You Dry Clean in the Spring?

June 7, 2022

You may have taken a look at your closet and wondered how to clean some of the items inside it. To make sure that you do not ruin any of your delicate clothing, you will want to take them in for dry cleaning services in Richmond. This is especially true when it comes to wool coats and suits, as well as silk and down comforters. Anything that has leather or suede on it can easily be ruined if cleaned the wrong way. Before you head outside with dirty clothes this spring, check out some of these tips for what to dry clean and what not to dry clean.

Why Do Some Materials Need Dry Cleaning Services?

So, why do some materials need dry cleaning services and some don’t? It’s because they were not made to withstand the normal wear and tear of daily life.

Some materials are more delicate than others and therefore require special treatment. If your machine washes a delicate fabric or clothing item, you risk damaging it beyond repair. Hand washing can be even worse for fabrics because it can cause stretching or shrinking of the material. If you air-dry certain garments on a clothesline, they may become warped.

Winter Wool Coats

A great example of a garment that needs to be dry cleaned is a wool coat. Wool coats are more expensive to dry clean than other fabrics and are more prone to stains, so they need extra attention. Before wearing your winter wool coat again after it’s been cleaned, check it carefully for any lingering dirt or stains. If you spot any, take them back to the cleaner who treated them so you can get them out.

Wool Suits

When it comes to wool suits, you’re going to want to avoid the machine at all costs. Wool suits are more delicate than wool coats—they’re made from finer fibres that can easily be damaged by being agitated in the washer or dryer.


Silk is a protein fibre and one of the strongest natural fibres you can find, but it’s also extremely delicate and should be handled with care when it comes to cleaning. Silk is also known as a lustrous fibre, which means that it has a glossy appearance that reflects light well. This makes it perfect for making elegant clothing and accessories!

Silk Has Many Other Qualities that Make It Ideal for Spring Cleaning:

  • Silk is strong and lightweight – this means silk fabrics will not only last longer than other types of fabric but they’re also easy to fold or stuff into tight spaces like drawers or closets (like sweaters).
  • Silk absorbs moisture quickly – just think about how good your skin feels after taking a bath in water filled with Epsom salt—that same feeling can be replicated by wearing silk clothing during warm weather months because of its ability to absorb moisture on contact (and release it back out again once dry).
  • Silks are soft – silks feel smooth against your skin because they don’t contain any rough edges as polyester does; this makes them perfect for people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions such as rashes or eczema because there’s no risk of irritation from rubbing against the wrong material type day after day.

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede are both very absorbent materials. For this reason, they need to be cleaned with a dry-cleaning solution rather than water or steam. Leather and suede can also be damaged by heat, so you should avoid ironing them at all costs. Sunlight is also harmful to leather and suede, which means you should store these items away from windows when not in use.

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