buying your wedding dress

Something to Consider Before Buying your Wedding Dress

October 27, 2021

Wedding dresses are expensive. A wedding dress or gown is an important and probably the expensive piece of clothing any woman will probably purchase in her life. Whether the gown has been passed on from mother to daughter for generations or be it a brand-new purchase, wedding dresses are essential. The majority of women will not fit into a wedding dress off the rack without any kind of alterations. Wedding dresses are often too long or too big in the waist, bust, or shoulders for the majority of wearers. This is where Alteration services in Richmond become any and every bride’s go to.

Even bespoke, custom-made wedding dresses will more than likely require alterations. The general rule of thumb is that for custom-made wedding dresses, a minimum of two fittings is required to make sure the dress fits like a glove. For off the rack mass-produced dresses, more fittings are usually needed. It is not uncommon to buy a wedding dress that is off the rack or mass-produced. The beauty of using alterations services in Richmond is that you can buy a wedding dress off the rack and get it tailored to fit you perfectly while saving some money on getting a wedding dress designed from scratch.

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In order to get the best fitting wedding dress, it is important to plan ahead. Firstly, buy a dress that is your size. Generally speaking, it is better to buy a size too big than too small. If the fabric is satin or velvet, the original seams will be very visible and will look like track marks. If you cannot find a dress exactly in your size, buy a dress that is close to your size, especially if you are choosing a fabric that will show seams.

It is better to choose a dress that needs taking in. Alterations services in Richmond are done by skilled seamstresses that are skilled in working with mass-produced clothing fit tailor-made to your body. Women’s bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. Some women have larger chests than waists ratio while others have wider hips compared to their upper bodies.

It is less expensive to take in a gown than to take it out as taking it out is easier. When purchasing a dress, make sure to order well in advance of your big day so that you have sufficient time in between for any alterations that may be required.

Be wary if you are told an alteration estimate cost over the phone without having taken the dress into the shop first. It is necessary to take the dress into the shop for seamstresses to see it before you can get an accurate quote or price of alteration work.

Every bride and, therefore, every dress is unique and needs to be treated as such. There is no cure-all for alterations for wedding dresses. What will work for one style, shape, size, and fabric material, will not work for another.

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