Holiday Garment Care

Dry Cleaning in Vancouver: Your Guide to Holiday Garment Care

January 11, 2023

Family dinners, parties, and special events, the holidays are full of gatherings that provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones and the perfect opportunity to show off your stylish holiday attire.

Each year retailers roll out the best of the best of season fashion; there’s velvet, silk, sequins, fine suits, dress shirts, cashmere, and everything in-between to help you look your best and stand out during winter festivities.

But as the celebrations wind down and January settles in, many people find their pricey holiday attire looks a little worse for wear than they did in December. Between rich foods and red wine, there is no shortage of stain-causing hazards lurking around every corner of holiday gatherings. And one thing that most festive fashion staples share is they cannot be tossed in the wash with your regular laundry.

The good news is you don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite holiday frock or write off a pricey bespoke dress shirt. Take care of your holiday wear with dry cleaning services in Vancouver.

Spot-Treat Stains Right Away, Then Take them in For Dry Cleaning in Vancouver

So, you’re in the middle of a New Year’s Eve celebration feeling great in a floor-length cream silk gown, when suddenly someone crashes into you with the host’s cranberry-based signature cocktail. What do you do? Well, in some cases, you can save the evening by spot-treating the stain and taking the piece in for dry cleaning in Vancouver as soon as possible afterward.

Here are a few tips on spot treating a few delicate fabrics that would otherwise be designated dry clean only.


Due to the delicate nature of the pile, velvet is almost always dry clean only. But in a pinch, you can try to work a stain out by using a lint-free cloth and warm water to gently dab (not rub) the mark. You can use the same method as above with sudsy dish soap for difficult stains. Remove as much water as possible and brush the material back into place.


Time is typical of the essence when it comes to treating silk, especially when it comes to grease or oil stains. Dry cleaning is the best way to keep your silk shiny and lustrous, but you treat a silk stain on the spot. First, blot away as much of the stain as possible with a paper towel or cotton ball, then whip up a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar or lemon juice to bad away at the stain. Do not rub and take the garment to your nearest Vancouver area dry cleaner as soon as possible.

Suits and Shirts

Suits are investment pieces, and if you take care of them, a good suit will last many years. To keep your suit looking its best, food and beverage stains must be acted on quickly. Your first step is to identify the type of stain, as this will determine the best spot treatment.

Oil-based stains are best treated with baking soda and citrus-based degreasers; either store-bought cleaners or diluted lemon juice will work. Gently dab away as much of the mess as you can and then get to work.

Ink and protein stains react well to alcohol-based products. Depending on what’s available, you can use peroxide, hand sanitizer, or hairspray to dab the stain. Other foods, like sauces, red wine, coffee, or tea, can be addressed with a 3-to-1 water-vinegar solution or diluted laundry detergent.

Even though it is possible to save the day with a temporary stain-flighting solution, the best way to care for your festive fashion post-holidays is to have them dry-cleaned in Vancouver.

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