Dry Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

A Complete Guide for Dry Cleaning Outdoor Cushions

August 12, 2022

During summer, you might naturally tend to be outside most of the time to enjoy exciting outdoor activities. If you have comfortable outdoor furniture, you might even spend much more time outdoors than usual. And since that set of outdoor furniture is placed outside and constantly exposed to the weather, it’s straightforward that it can get dirty more easily and rapidly than the interior one. Of course, outdoor gear such as cushions, umbrellas, and canopies are made to last for many years, but it’s still dependent on the type and quality of material as well as your maintenance that decides how long it’d be in good condition. And if you don’t take care of them properly, then their degradation might come sooner than you think.

You might be an expert when asked about how to clean a sofa in the living room, but are you sure you know how to handle outdoor cushions stuck with bird droppings? Probably not, since indoor and outdoor furniture are meant for different purposes! As cushions are prevalent in any set of outdoor furniture, this blog would walk you through the cleaning steps for regular types of stains that you might encounter with your lovely cushions. But first, remember to check the cleaning/care instructions on the cushion tags before following any step.


  • Borax
  • Warm water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Oxygen-based bleach
  • Sprayer
  • A brush with soft bristles

The solution for dry cleaners is subject to the type of stain.

Simple Stains

The solution recipe is 1 teaspoon of mild dish soap, 1 teaspoon of Borax, and 1 quart of warm water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a sprayer and saturate the cushion on both sides. Let the cushion be soaked with the solution for 15-20 minutes but not dry, then rinse it with clean water and stand it on the edge to dry. This method is still applicable whether your cushion comes with care instructions or not.

Mould Stains

The solution ratio is 1:4 between Borax and warm water. Saturate the affected area with the solution and blot out the stains using a microfiber cloth. Finally, rinse well with clean water. In case of tougher stains, let the solution sit for 20-30 minutes before blotting.

Oil Stains

First, it’s important to absorb the excess oil with a cloth, then use absorbent powder such as cornstarch to make sure you remove as much of the oil inside as you can. Let the powder sit for 10-15 minutes before scraping it away with a scraper.

Bird Droppings

I know for sure you don’t want to see this on your lovely cushions, but it still happens sometimes. So let’s start by removing as much of the droppings as you’re able to by using a scraper or a cloth. Prepare the solution for simple stains as mentioned above, and spray directly to the stain. Let the stain and the affected fabric be completely soaked with the solution before cleaning with a soft-bristled brush. Lastly, rinse it thoroughly with clean water until the smell is largely removed.

Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Cushions All Year Round

As always, prevention is better than cure. So let’s start protecting your cushions right today by placing them under water-repellent covers or applying protection spray on the surface. Moreover, don’t forget to check and clean the cushions on a habitual basis, only by which way will the stains not sit for too long but be easy to remove.

If any of the solutions described above doesn’t work to your expectation, or you’re looking for specialized dry cleaners for difficult stains, contact us for more information. As the leading supplier of dry cleaners in Vancouver, we’re diverse in product offerings and experienced in cleaning procedures, no matter how hard the stains are. So, for early and effective prevention, connect with us right today!

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